Develop Croydon Conference | 20th November 2018 | Croydon Park Hotel



It was very interesting, I learnt a lot about what’s going on in Croydon and the team made some useful connections which is hugely helpful.

Steve Parish, Chairman, Crystal Palace FC.

The event certainly felt vibrant and everyone was really engaged in the discussions.

Kathryn Morley, Chief Executive, OnSide Youth Zones

Very informative sessions and interesting debate at the Develop Croydon Conference 2018, focusing on Generation Croydon. A good mix of public and private involvement in the debate and plenty of food for thought around finding positive solutions for new housing, workplace and leisure opportunities for every generation. Expertly delivered by White Label.

Spencer Copping, Planning Director, WS Planning & Architecture

It was a very informative conference with great content, and very helpful to go into such detail on the planned development of Croydon. We look forward to doing more work in Croydon in the future.

Caroline Pontifex, Partner, KKS

A great event, all of our team had an enjoyable and productive day.

James Cook, Planning Director, R&F Properties

It was a great conference!

Alison Addy, Gatwick Airport

I recently attended the Develop Croydon Conference organised by White Label Creative at the Croydon Park Hotel on 20th November 2018.

I have been in Property & Construction for 40 years and I can confirm that the Conference was the best I have attended in all of that time.
The calibre of the speakers were of the highest order and all conveyed their thoughts and presentations with a view to Croydon’s future.
I would recommend to anyone to attend the Conference in 2019.

Pul Hazeldene, 777 Group