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DC 2018: Croydon can be a ‘national exemplar’ for good growth

Deputy Mayor Jules Pipe believes Croydon can be a ‘national exemplar’ of good growth.

During a key-note speech at the Develop Croydon Conference, Sadiq Khan’s Deputy Mayor for Planning, Regeneration and Skills highlighted Croydon’s all-round package and said the borough will play a huge part in the future of London.

Pipe pointed to Croydon’s transformation over the past few years, the exciting developments in the pipeline and the proposed infrastructure improvements planned for the Brighton Mainline and East Croydon Station as huge reasons for optimism.

“Croydon has a key role to play in good growth story for London,” he said. “Croydon’s growth will also benefit Surrey, Kent and the whole of the South East, its excellent connectivity with the region makes it a real driver for this part of the UK’s economy.

“In many ways you have a golden thread for placemaking in Croydon. The areas around East Croydon station have been transformed. It’s a welcoming place to arrive to now.

“There are huge developments coming forward but there’s this overall fostering of a real sense of community and civic pride. It’s all about creating a place.

“All this adds up to really good indicators of what a healthy town centre should look like. Croydon can be a national exemplar of what can be achieved. The next few years are critical to build on this potential to make sure you create this place where people want to live, work and use.”

Pipe said Croydon also played a key role in London’s commercial future, describing it as a “city within a city” and saying that it was crucial the town centre can reprovide the capacity for new commercial office space.

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