Develop Croydon Conference | 20th November 2018 | Croydon Park Hotel

About the Conference


What is the future for Croydon? Who is the future for Croydon?

Croydon is changing, with one of the largest youth populations in London and 1 in 8 people now over the age of 65, this year’s Develop Croydon Conference will assess how the town can cater for the young and old as it continues to undergo major regeneration. Throughout the day, we will be predicting the ways technology, new occupiers and an influx of thousands of residents will affect the borough.

Chaired by Mark Easton, BBC Home Editor, Generation Croydon will challenge perceptions of the ‘capital of south London’ focusing on placemaking, the workplace and the changing retail landscape and hearing from the key stakeholders in Croydon’s regeneration about their ambitions to drive change.

During the day we will debate:

  • How Croydon should respond to a millennial lifestyle
  • The effect of changes in the retail and logistics industries
  • Is Croydon’s commercial offer fit for purpose, and encouraging wellbeing?
  • How can Croydon provide the best mix of first time, family and retirement homes?
  • What is Croydon’s cultural offer and how does this cater for the young and old?
  • What infrastructure enhancements does Croydon need now?

Join Croydon’s progression on 20th November.

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