Develop Croydon Conference - 21st November 2017

About the Conference


Since the announcement that Westfield and Hammerson are jointly regenerating Croydon’s retail heart, the town has been put on the map as a retail destination but while the planning and development progresses does Croydon have more to offer?

Culture is becoming a key factor in establishing the success of an area, as people are looking for more than just somewhere to work or live. Croydon’s cultural renaissance is in full swing championing the diverse urban character of the borough; with the regeneration of the town centre helping to drive its success. However, how much economic value does this bring to the town and how well is it known for its cultural offer outside of its retail opportunities?

Croydon is also driving a change in the way that people live, with a new trend for ‘micro-apartments’ and communal living, the progression of Build to Rent sites and taller tower blocks. Is this the key to solving the housing shortage or does more need to be done to achieve the community balance desired?

London has its eyes on Croydon to lead the way as a showcase of successful streamlined development that is showing no signs of slowing. Meanwhile in Croydon will encapsulate how Croydon is moving with the times and responding to the GLA’s agendas. Throughout our 2017 summit local leaders will be joined by developers, architects, agents, cultural leaders and industry experts, to discuss what Croydon has to offer as a place to live and enjoy, outside of its retail offering.